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Assisted Living Specialist

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As the American population ages, more people in their senior years need assistance with the activities of daily living, which is one of the key reasons why assisted care facilities are booming. The Healthcare Professionals at Allied Health Solutions, with an office in Inglewood, CA, are specialists in geriatric care and partner with many assisted care facilities in Los Angeles, providing coordinated in-office care. Contact the office or book online to arrange an appointment today.

Assisted Living

What is geriatric care?

Although the basic definition of geriatric care is medicine aimed at the older population, the dynamics of that segment of the population changes drastically as the baby boomer generation progresses into their senior years. Because the scope of the geriatric population becomes wider, so, too, does the scope of healthcare required by this community.

In practice, this means that psychological and social health needs become more important. Primary care remains crucial, but the need for associated care expands. This is a major reason why Allied Health Solutions partners with many other health disciplines. They draw from the best care providers in the community to assure the finest care in all areas for their older patients.

What are the main health problems facing seniors?

Affecting about half of the elderly population, arthritis is the leading cause of disability and for many, a primary reason for the decision to enter assisted living. It’s a particular challenge when part of effective treatment of arthritis is often regular exercise, which the pain of the issue discourages.

Weight management is another important challenge, since excess weight can be both a contributor and result of other common geriatric conditions. Controlling body mass through diet and exercise reduces or eliminates the effects of diabetes, heart disease, and other cardiovascular conditions.

Cardiovascular conditions include:

  • Arrhythmia
  • Atherosclerosis
  • Congenital heart disease
  • Congestive heart failure
  • Coronary heart disease
  • High blood pressure
  • Stroke

The risk of cancer rises as you age, making it a major health concern throughout adulthood. Vision and hearing loss are non-life-threatening issues that nonetheless place an increased load on the healthcare system.

How is healthcare provided in an assisted-living environment?

Although the approach varies among providers, assisted care may range from personal care workers to on-site doctors. Allied Health Solutions specializes in office-based care in partnership with several assisted living facilities in the surrounding area. The appointment-only model means that scheduling several patients from a single assisted living location is easy to coordinate, minimizing the headaches surrounding transporting single patients. Allied’s assisted living facility partners can therefore offer consistent and reliable healthcare to their clients without the overhead of an on-site medical clinic.