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Primary Care Specialist

Allied Health Solutions Medical Group -  - Family Medicine Physician

Allied Health Solutions Medical Group

Family Medicine Physicians located in Inglewood, CA

Once, more commonly called the family doctor, the term “Primary Care” reflects changes to the healthcare industry more than changes to the care you receive. The Healthcare Professionals at Allied Health Solutions, with an office in Inglewood, CA, provide you and your family with the fundamentals of care you expect. Call today or book an appointment online.

Primary Care Q & A

What is primary medical care?

Better suited to identifying its place in contemporary healthcare systems, primary care is the first point of contact for you when you require treatment. This is not just a medical concept, since other caregivers, such as dentists, may also provide primary care in their own fields. Allied Health Solutions can act as a primary medical caregiver for you.

Secondary care represents more specialized care, usually at the suggestion of your primary care physician. While general practitioners have wide-ranging knowledge about your general health, secondary care physicians are experts in comparatively narrow disciplines. For example, the Healthcare Professionals may treat you through the early stages of arthritis, and later, they may refer you to a rheumatologist or orthopedic specialist as your condition advances.

Tertiary care best describes the attention you receive in hospital. Surgeons and oncologists are good examples of tertiary caregivers. It’s possible for these boundaries to overlap. For instance, obstetrics and gynecology specialists may also be the primary care physician for women.

What can I expect from my primary physician?

Although some may think of visiting their doctors only when they feel ill, non-emergency sick visits are only one aspect of primary care. One of the goals of primary medical care is prevention — the basis behind yearly checkups. When the Healthcare Professionals have a chance to build a personal relationship with you, they gain a perspective of your long-term health.

The Healthcare Professionals are also your point person for health issues that are larger in scope. They know the specialists in the community, so there’s no need for you to choose your own specialists, potentially delaying your diagnosis. The Healthcare Professionals can also put results from specialists into context and perspective for you, aiding the best decisions for your health.

When should I see my primary care physician?

Any time you have a medical problem or concern that isn’t an emergency, visiting Allied Health Solutions is a good idea. In addition, well-patient visits are also a function of primary care, whether you’re monitoring a pregnancy or you need a physical examination for work or sports participation.