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If you’ve been hurt at work, or if you’ve developed a condition or disease that affects your daily life, there are disability resources that may help you. Many of these require disability evaluations by an accredited physician. Dr. Joseph Pierson and the healthcare professionals at Allied Health Solutions, with offices on Wilshire and Santa Rosalia Drive in Los Angeles, can provide you with the medical examination as well as pairing you with other medical professionals as necessary. Book an appointment online, or call one of the offices today.

Disability Evaluation Q & A

What is a disability examination?

When you’ve suffered an injury or impairment for which some level of benefits are available, that disability is often confirmed by a physician. The benefits could be paid by the government, such as for Social Security or workers’ compensation, or through private insurance, so there’s usually an investigative process for which a disability exam is a key component.

A disability examination may not end with your physician’s evaluation, however. Often, other specialists are involved. For example, if you’ve suffered a work-related injury, an occupational therapist’s assessment may be requested to determine how your injuries interfere with your work and what accommodations are needed if you are to return to work. Allied Health Solutions works with many other specialists in the Los Angeles area, so referrals are easy and, in some cases, close to one of the Allied Health Solutions locations.

What can I expect during a disability medical exam?

The individual requirements for a disability examination typically vary with the type of injury you’ve suffered as well as the agency requesting the exam. Specific tests and follow-ups may be requested in each case.

For a disability exam, the medical exam is typically short, usually less than 20 minutes, focusing on the part of your body affected by disability. Unless there’s potential for direct complications to other body parts or systems, the exam covers a narrow health window. Dr. Pierson may connect you with other therapists or specialists as needed to expand diagnosis, such as seeing a psychotherapist if you’re experiencing job stress.

The requirements for the examining physician may change from case-to-case as well. For example, if Dr. Pierson is your primary care physician, some agencies may request their own doctor or an impartial third-party doctor. However, in many cases, using your primary care provider is fine.

Does my doctor decide if I am disabled?

No. Dr. Pierson’s role as your physician is to offer facts related to your disability claim, supported by his observations, related test results, and other medical evidence. For a disability process such as Social Security, it’s likely an exam with another consultative physician will be ordered. It’s usually up to a claims examiner to make a decision on your disability claim, after reviewing all medical evidence related to your case.