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Not everyone has the scheduling flexibility to attend every appointment whenever and wherever a doctor’s office is. Joseph E. Pierson, MD, at Allied Health Solutions Medical Group understands that his patients lead busy lives, and offers house calls to serve primary care needs around Wilshire and Santa Rosalia Drive in Los Angeles. To find out more information on house calls, call the office or request an appointment online.

House Calls Q & A

What is included in a house call?

When Dr. Pierson makes a house call to a patient, he brings his expertise and knowledge to the patient’s home to provide the best possible quality care. Dr. Pierson will tailor the visit to meet the needs of his patient.

He will perform a physical examination and collect your medical history and reasons for requesting the house call. If necessary the doctor may draw blood for testing or perform any urgent treatments, such as stitches. The doctor will prescribe any medications or treatment plans for the patient.

If the reason for the house call is a true emergency, the doctor will advise on the next steps for treatment including trips to the emergency room.

When should I request a house call?

Patients request house calls for many reasons. Some may be too sick to come into the office or may not want to expose themselves to other people with contagious illnesses, some may have transportation issues. Others may have sustained an injury and not want to travel.

Dr. Pierson makes house calls for primary care as well as sports medicine services, so for example, if an athlete injures him or herself, Dr. Pierson can make a house call to examine the injury and prescribe the best treatment. This allows the patient to rest and not risk making the injury worse by trying to get into the office for treatment.

What are the benefits of house calls?

There are a number of benefits to house calls from doctors. First, patients with mobility issues have greater access to care. Those with injuries or contagious illnesses can rest at home instead of risking exposure to other illnesses or a chance of increasing the injury.

These visits also allow the doctor to understand more detail about a patient’s lifestyle and environment that can help him to provide better diagnosis and treatment. House calls can also help patients save money by avoiding expensive trips to the emergency room.

Call the office today or request an appointment online for a house call with Dr. Pierson.